Safety and Health at Work
Pórtico assumes the direction of its activities having as a goal “zero accidents” in national and international market, through the continuous improvement of safety management and performance, with the definition of concrete objectives for the employees, suppliers and subcontractors, Customers and builders and other Entities with whom we work, of which we underline:
  • The observance and fulfillment of the legal and conventional prescriptions of Safety and Health at Work;
  • Contemplate the conception and implementation of the National Strategy for the Safety and Health at Work;
  • Promotion of humanity at work and conditions of Safety and Health, along with the performance and strategic development of the organization;
  • Concretization of permanent and continued risk evaluation, aiming the elimination and decrease of professional risks and the damages for employees health;
  • Elaboration and disclosure of understandable instructions suited to the activity developed by the employee, that allow the creation of a prevention culture;
  • Considering the increment of technical and scientific investigation applied to Safety and Health at Work domain, in particular regarding the emergence of new factors of risk;
  • Implementing education and promoting training, information and awareness with the involvement of everyone, regarding the duties and responsibilities in the structure of the organization;
  • Promoting the consulting and acquisition of knowledge and habits of prevention of accidents at work and professional diseases for having a more active participation of everyone in the company, planning, implementation and evaluation of Safety and Health at Work;
  • Organization of services of Safety and Health at Work in the company aiming the surveillance of worker’s health and the prevention of professional accidents and diseases;
  • Define and dispose the human resources and needed materials for the implementation of Safety and Health Systems;
  • Elaboration and implementation of self-protection measures through the adoption of procedures of first aid, firefighting and evacuation with identification of the responsible ones, between others;
  • Attend to all measurable goals established in the Quality Management System regarding Safety and Health.

Safety and Health Policies of the company serve as a support to the definition of aims and goals for this matter, being of everyone responsibility.

Construction Management
Construction Management

Construction management is essential in this field, given the increasing complexity of construction. Thus, it is one of the key elements contributing to its global quality.
We have a vast experience in this field and control the means, costs and the final quality, as well as the necessary organization of the construction site in order to achieve excellence.

Construction Management

In the Building Market, the main aim is to maximize the profitability of the investment, since the “simplest question” to the most complex economic option, passing through the elucidation and technical assistance, with special incidence in alerting to the possible mistakes that may occur during the process. We still do a proposal analysis, valuations, evaluations, we analyze projects, give technical advices and we elaborate its economic and environmental impact studies, as described below.

Quality Management

In Management of Integrated Projects area, we develop several services, such as: Management and Coordination of Projects, Supervision and Coordination of Project, Planning and Cost Control, Revision of Project and Launching and Management of Contests, Procedural Processing, Evaluation of Proposals, Adjudication, Advisement in the elaboration of contracts and specifications.

The preparation, the launch of the contract work, the management of resources and the attendance of the implementation of correct and successful execution methods, based on a quality management compared to the aims of the customer, are a guarantee that the predicted reality would be felt in time, space and desired domain. Our technical staff assure us this reality.


Topography and Survey of Existing Buildings

Everyday designers, inspectors and builders are confronted with technical issues.

All the evolution in Building Construction and Public Works provides us with economic, faster and accurate solutions. Sometimes, the answer in on the ground we step.

The high level of competition oblige all entities involved in the process to minimize the costs and maximize the profits.


Man is helped by machines. So, all the rudimentary processes are slowly being abandoned, giving place to more effective and faster methods, preventing future issues and pointing to its elimination.

In this area, topography gives its contribution!


A specialized work which is developed in topographic surveying, flatness, areas calculation, and in strict implantations applied in several modalities, such as the building surveying.


Property Evaluation

Given the constant expanding market, Pórtico has suited academic training for this type of service, including certified appraisers of real estate investment funds.

The company already has a vast experience in this area and responds accurately to the increasingly complex and competitive real estate market.

Surveys (Release of Guarantees)/ Valuations

Building Construction area has suffered great impacts in its management during the last decade. The modifications occurred in Building Construction Sector are a consequence of a large waste with material, equipment and high rates of work accidents, reducing drastically the economy of the company and with the consequence of not attending to the demands of the customer regarding the price and, sometimes, the necessary quality.

Given the market demands, has been verified an improvement of the level of quality of Building Construction in Portugal, not only for the increasing knowledge shown by the clients, but also for the legal requirements, namely in terms of Energy Efficiency of buildings. The construction methods and respective processes are fundamental in the building analysis and for the confirmation of its quality.

Market Segments

Pórtico offers solutions in various fields of Engineering and Building Construction for a large number of markets around the world. Each field offers different products and services, but our team works together in different countries to provide the best solutions and services to our customers.
Thus, some of the major market segments in which we operate are related to thoroughfares, building construction and hydraulic infrastructures.
Our goal is to satisfy our customers.

Market Segments

Since a project is the identity of a building, we do all the attendance to it till its approval, having as a main concern the demotivation of illegal building and the construction of ventures with a deficient territory incorporation and promoting a sustainable building industry.

The value of our services is supported in the pursuit for technical excellence of solutions and in an integrated approach, with total commitment with the aims of our clients.

We motivate the fulfillment of the Legislation and Norms, regarding the Customer Requirements.


In this domain we act in areas such as:

  • General Infrastructures in thoroughfares: wastewater drainage networks, rainwater drainage systems, electricity, gas and telecommunication networks;
  • Building construction: structural calculation, water supply networks, wastewater drainage networks, electrical installations, infrastructures for telecommunications in buildings (ITED), thermal insulation, acoustic design, fire safety, intrusion, computer network, gas network, mechanical installations, exterior arrangement projects, safety and prevention plans.


Safety Coordination

To provide this service, Pórtico – Engineering Consultants, Ltd. presents its methodology and tasks.

Considering the accumulated experience in other services and the definition of Quality Management System (QMS), Pórtico – Engineering Consultants, Ltd. has established a set of tasks that, in some cases, are beyond the requirements of tender documents.


The health and safety coordinator is responsible for following the Decree-Law n. 273/03 of October 29 and the applicable legislation. Internally, this expert will comply with the Quality Management System implemented in Pórtico, including the SPR6.5 –Management of Health and Safety at Work, adapted to the reality of the construction and the customer requirements.

Furthermore, this expert will develop and update the Prior Communication and also verify and confirm the Health and Safety Plan and the existing regulation.

Safety Coordination
Works Inspection

Building Construction gradually discovers itself as a market segment of high competition. Thus, the Works Inspection assumes shapes of primary importance since they provide a superior perfection and efficacy in the execution of works, having as a final result the Cost Control/Better Quality.

In this area we give an attentive assistance, creating a “bridge” in the salutary challenge that is the relationship work customer/contractor, since both move towards to the same final result – the work.

Our value is not a cost, it is an asset.

Works Inspection